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February 7, 2007

Winter Blahs! Single digit temps & S-N-O-W

The snow started yesterday much for global warming in this part of Indiana! Six inches dropped in about as many hours yesterday. The good news is the truck got towed to the shop and fixed. So far our bargain GMC has cost us $700 in repairs since the fall, and the price of a gooseneck and a bumper pull hitch...On the brighter side I do have an interview at a local hospital tomorrow. Getting back on the trail is highly attached to getting back to work. I pulled the horse's blankets this morning and all three trotted out, promptly dropped, and rolled like mad in the snow. Next came pawing the snow and scattering their alfalfa/ grass mix hay far and wide searching for the choice pieces to eat first. I can remember many years when February was mild with temps in the 60-70 degree range. Currently anything above freezing is looking darned favorable. Phebes has become pretty rank from her lack of work. We do not have an indoor facility to train, and what we do is contingent on weather conditions and the safety of the footing. Deep snow and frozen temperatures do not make for a good training situation. So I wait. Phebes has taken to kicking and striking her stall and being very hard to catch to put in the stall in the afternoon. Yesterday I put a halter and a bungie tie on her and tied her in her stall for an hour until the urge to have a fit had passed. Then I released her and she was pretty good. I'm afraid her habit of stall kicking will persist and she will damage herself. Further researching Raffles bred horses....they were known for their trainability and tractability? So yesterday's theory was probably hog wash. **sigh**praying for a job (job=trainer / job= trailer).

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