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February 6, 2007

Phebe's as a two year old (Lil Bit of Magic)

This photo was taken late summer 2006, Phebes showing off her fat filly trot. It will be exciting to see how she sheds out this spring. Already the blaze down her face is disappearing as her head continues to grey. Though she is overweight (from lack of work) she does look like a balanced horse. Nice relatively short back, neck appears to be in proportion to her body, a little slope to her croup which I prefer, and a floating trot (hate that animated stuff, hard to ride a pogo stick) that I'm hopeful will be a much easier ride than her mama. She has of late taken a little growth spurt, and I wonder if my old lady body and stiff joints is going to find getting up there a challenge? Her saddle for next summer is on order. We are going to try a treeless dressage and see how she does with that. As a backup we have an Abetta with an arabian tree that fits her well. She takes a 12 inch tree currently and I expect by her fifth birthday she will go larger than that. Hoping the treeless will resolve fitting issues for at least a couple of years. Meanwhile I have found myself unemployed again, in the cold of anyone out there interested in hiring the Endurance Granny....I do medical billing, scheduling, filing, faxing, document preparation, customer service, diagnostic coding, and am registered with the state as a CNA. Don't work weekends though....need those and one evening midweek to train this horse. Anyone out there needing a virtual secretary ? Post up your email and contact information.

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