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May 7, 2017

Tipping Point

I showed up at my job on Friday and gave them my resignation for reasons of life work balance first thing in the morning, effective June 9.   Truly I like where I work, I like my part in helping people that certainly need helping.   But my life seemed to be twisting tighter and tighter...50 + a week, sometimes 60 between both my jobs.   I like the full time one, but I LOVE the part-time job.  LOVE IT.     Daily is was becoming evident I'd have to give up one or the other.    So I took a deep breath and made a choice figuring I'd look for other part time hours to round the horsey job out.  My income will take a plummeting fall, but my health has been very negatively affected by the loss of all personal life.

My instincts, timing, what ever you may call it, must have been right.  Resigned full time Friday morning and was offered part time within a couple of hours.  I didn't ask them , as this company just doesn't do part time.    They said they wanted to keep me in what ever way the could, and I realized that for the first time on a job of this type I felt "valued."  It was a humbling, but happy experience.    I only have about four more weeks of the long grind until I can dust off my horse and go for a ride.

My work schedule will be eight hours three days a week, and then the part time gig 6-10 hours a week depending on need.   Happily other job I can pop in an out of as I'm working remote, usually in my jammies ☺ Did I mention the FOUR DAY WEEKEND?   I'm hoping to use some of that time to visit with my Mom, mow the grass, keep the laundry done, all those things I used to do routinely and have sucked at for months on end.    

So I have solved one problem.

 Still looking for "the truck" but I'm not going to hurry that much as I want it.

Medical specialist appointment this month.   Long over due...hope they can fix me.  The stress has caused me some major digestive melt downs, near constant pain, esophageal burning so bad I nearly lose my voice some days. 

But I can tell you one thing.  Horse is GOOD FOR ME.   I sat out on the stump in the horse lot this evening, Journey there to keep me company, though she did try to eat my rubber barn shoe.  Horse propped on my shoulder, wind blowing through the trees, sunlight sparking red off of my hair.  I'm thinking, almost home, almost---home.

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