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May 13, 2017

Counting having some time again

I can't be normal?  

Please don't answer that. 

  I'm actually ticking off the days in my brain to the new reality that every weekend will be a long weekend.  Have not awakened with severe stomach pain since the news.    Still swell up like a pumpkin, but slept every night last week.   EVERY. STINKIN. NIGHT.  I mention frequently that my personality is introverted. That is probably an understatement.   Most of my peace comes in being alone.  It doesn't mean that I don't care for or about people, it is that I can just barely stand the disruption of a room full of them.  So what do I choose for a job?  Customer service in a huge open span building with about a hundred talking people and ringing phones.  Just to be blunt, it was kind of stupid of me, but it was also necessary.  So here I am, actually looking forward to being poor as dirt again, so my brain feels happy.  Can't wait to saddle up again and throw a leg over my horse.  We may not be going anywhere...and my ability to work part time may be temporary (life gets uncertain as we shove into the sixth decade), but I'm gonna ride the wave as long as I'm able.

Speaking of this job.  It is the best job I've ever had.   Yes, that makes not a bit of sense.   Very nice group of people to work with.  Hard working dedicated bunch of people.  Even though the customer service I do can get pretty rough, for the most part I enjoy being able to help people solve their problem.  It is just that by midweek I'm way out there on sensory overload.    So I'm staying put, reducing those hours, but leaving the door open in the case that I have to pull full time hours again.   Won't be a total slacker, will still work   two jobs.  But   earn better than the last job...why I stayed there eight years....well-yeah I do know.   My three day weekend every week.  

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and my Mom is eighty-three.   I want to spend more time with her.   Take her places like I used to, or just go sit and spend a half a day if I feel like it.

Three more weeks.

 Blue Girl Acrylic , ink  2017

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