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February 18, 2017

Working with the DNR

First meeting today on working through what is needed to obtain a permit for the CMO we hope to host.  So far things are on track.   Marti has to send our proof of insurance, they look that over, if it is sufficient, we will be a go.  The meeting was fruitful in other ways concerning formation of a non-profit, there was some very helpful information given in regard to that  The park is going to try to accommodate our group even if it "swells" just a bit outside the space confines.   We are going to ask people coming in for the day to park in day parking and ride over for the meeting in the morning (only about a mile), let the horse chomp some grass and chill for a bit while they attend the meeting, and get their start times.    So the process is very painfully slow, but we are on track.  Woo hoo!

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