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February 4, 2017

Making a little headway on the CMO

Great minds think alike I guess.  Marti (CMO brainiac) called the park office and my husband stopped by as I was in the midst of about a 60 hour work week and could not get ten minutes to call the office when there were actually PEOPLE there to answer the phone.  But we got a foot in the door, and next step is to get the paperwork in. 

I've given the ride a name: Two Horse Tango  (Two Horse Tack is sponsoring some of our prizes) and I am hoping to finally meet Natasha who owns Two Horse Tack in real life ☺  She likes CMO!  Invited a bunch of my very favorite horse riding friends and even a lady from work plans to come out for the ride.  What is so encouraging about CMO besides the challenge, is they have really kept entry fees low (usually under $20) and as horse sports go that is unheard of.  You don't need any special breed of horse, or special tack (use what works).  You can ride your own rate of speed, just drag your butt in by the cut off (which is generous), can sleep in come morning.  Rides usually start off around 10 AM in the morning so you have all day to enjoy the trails and find those pesky plates!

Hoping with all my heart that this is a success and we can build a CMO coalition down here in Southeastern Indiana, form up some teams, and have a full schedule someday.  We have some very nice parks in firing distance.  Liberty near Brookville, IN, Versailles State Park, and Brown County State Park.    If enough people play the game, and take turns putting on the rides, we can have a fun activity to participate in with our horses and pit our skills against others across the country ☺I'm hoping and dreaming.   Hey if I can build (with help) something as cool as Green Bean Endurance, why not this?

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