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February 26, 2017

I'm a charge in an get 'er done kind of gal

And the logistics for the CMO are moving just glacially slow, like maple syrple dripping on a 22 degree Indiana morning slow.  I want results!  We are waiting for the insurance company to provide the insurance document needed for the event.  Then I'm going in guns a blazing at prizes.  June sounds like a long way off, but when you look at it in weekend days (which is all I have) it's close, very close.

In other news concerning the Two Horse Tango, Marti Caldwell is providing a clinic Saturday March 4th to teach our newbies the use of the compass in a low stress environment.   We will have chili and the fixin's, and beer & wine for the breaks, a ride around the farm and woods on the Ranger, it will be fun. 

Then, the royal spotted one has not had a saddle on since early last summer.  She is my locomotion, and breaks that long from a historical perspective have not always boded well for me.  The first 30 days of spring riding on Journey is a force to be reckoned with as she gets a barn sour recurrence that is no less than EPIC.  But I'm going to need her for setting the stations for the ride so it really must be endured.

Truck shopping.  I thought horse shopping was bad.   I'm really wanting a diesel, 4 wheel drive, less than 120,000 miles, a good service history, and a non-lemon year on what ever I decide to purchase.  Also considering selling my goose neck and purchasing a bumper pull, which means I could likely pull with less truck.   It would be much easier to get within my price point that way. 

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