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February 17, 2017

Blogs of Note: Horse Woman I am

I've been in a rut for awhile.  Chasing the same old butterfly, armed with my tattered net.

"How's that working for you, she said."

"Not so good, said I, damned straight it ain't."

Endurance Granny is turning a page.   Well---actually I'm sliding the entire book up on the shelf.  You see, I don't really want a new chapter.  I want a brand new book.  Some other genre, some reason to be glad to see my horse, no my horses.  I long to do some new thing.  Deeply I just yearn to participate in something less of the same and the same and the same.  Something fun.   Something that is mine.  My heart has lost the desire to push my horse's limits.  Some horses do love the endurance sport.  I believe last year that Journey was speaking to me.  Cramping, lameness, appetite off.  All connected with our sport.  I want her to be eager and ready for what we do.  I want Phebes to be ridden again.  I feel time is short and I want happy horse time.  That's it ♥

Resigning from the Green Bean thing was  emotionally wrenching for me.  In all honesty I had a period of mourning.  It was the closest I came to belonging in my life.  But some had big dreams and hopes for it,  and I felt I needed to get out of the way.   I sank into a funk of epic proportion as that thing had become my identity, and really my passion.  But it is done accept for a few things undone that need cleaning up.   I love that group.  I truly do. 

So life moves on.  What will I not be doing this year?  ENDURANCE  

Looking for that something else will occupy me this spring, summer, and fall.   So I've begun to look at other's equestrian blogs and read about their personal journeys with their horses as a vehicle of discovery.   Maybe in my travels through the blogs I will find a niche that will take me, The Spotted Wonder and Phebes to new places, and new friends.

My first blog of note:  The Mindful Horse Woman

Logan Darrow of Washington (State)
"It's never the fault of the horse, it's always the fault of the rider."   

Check it out.  More blogs to come...

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