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October 9, 2016


The weather was fabulous and that is no understatement.   High sixties, sun shining, just perfect Fall weather for DBDR's Rendezvous ride held at Hoosier Horse Camp here in Indiana.  Turn out?   PACKED.  When you run out of the alphabet for hip markings and have to double up that is a good thing.

I was there not to ride, but to just have a chance of meeting a few more of our riders (GREEN BEAN) and acted as a scribe (which I really enjoy) for the day. We had eleven Green Beans in attendance counting myself.  Which is an extremely good turnout considering the census of Midwestern Green Beans in our corner of the region.  We had a prize giveaway sponsored by Two Horse Tack that put two beautiful and complete bridles into the hands of our riders.  Also prized out were four flat backed buckets full of grooming supplies and rider care bags (green socks, chapstick, green bean bracelets), we gave out some bridle charms, and a beautiful embroidered rain sheet.

A bridle like this one  from Two Horse Tack  was won by Sharon Knight in the bitless model,  it was so pretty!

Tammi Thomas walked away with this halter bridle from Two Horse Tack.

 This little girl was so flipping cute!  She was riding LD on this pony and the pony was...well let's say all pony.   It took two adults to finally get him to trot (which he did beautifully).  I just get a kick out of the little kids.  This one has done a 50 already ☺
 Rump warming was the theme of the day as it was cool and breezy.
 I recall this woman's name was Holly as that is my oldest daughter's name.
 This was a cluster of riders coming in for the hold.
 Your's truly acting as scribe.  The lady holding the horse Sabine had ridden with me in the past back in the days of Phebes.  Her horse Leo is in his mid-twenties and still does a fabulous job at getting through the rides.

 A very pretty trot out.

 This horse shone like glass.  Coat was so pretty!
 This red horse was on fire!  Nearly glowed.
 The vet's, myself and the trusty clip board.
 This team was out and about but not pulling endurance riders!
Peaceful photo of rider waiting...

It was one of the most enjoyable days I've had at an endurance ride.  Maybe because I wasn't worries of belly-aches, boots, time clocks, eating or not eating, drinking, all those things that go into successfully finishing.  I just got to participate and observe and meet some of the Green Bean Endurance Competition peeps.  It was a wonderful day.  A big thank you to Tammi S. Thomas for helping me get the list together of the Green Bean riders present.  ☺

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  1. Looked like a glorious day. Glad you got to enjoy it.
    Bionic Cowgirl