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October 12, 2016

Green Bean Endurance

Interesting Green Bean Endurance "FACTOIDS"
Since the inception of GBE Competition our little outfit generated (or at the very least nudged in a you gotta do it way)
membership signups in 2015 at approximated $11,700 and 2016 $12,000. Calculating ride revenue generated for ride managers by the competition for 2016 (so far) if only figure LD fees (which are lower) our competition inspired $33,660 in revenue for RM's. This year our riders have turned in almost 400 competitions (more if we add in seedling). Sponsorship was up and our prize once a month drawing expanded to three prizes each month. This year we are able to provide beautiful medals for our winners with our logo on them. Ride fees were reduced and we are still going to break even at the end of the day. Those things are interesting, and they are good as we help the organization that provides rides for us. But the real beauty of Green Bean is the people connections. You find someone at a ride and shake their hand then...oh hell give me a hug And watching those new riders over the past two years go from 0 to endurance, on to Tevis, or Old Dominion, team building, awesome stuff. Two years, 168 riders, good people. Endurance riders. Am I proud? Of EVERY.SINGLE.ONE of them. They have surpassed me, my dreams, any ounce of talent I'd ever hoped I'd have in this sport and it feels good. It feels great to see our gnarly little bunch just ROCK the ride. Get your ride on people!

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