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June 11, 2016

The Spotted Wonder is Learning WORK ETHIC

Doesn't seem to take a terrible amount to convince her that spooking and bolting don't interest her.  A good solid hour of maintaining endurance pace and I was able to trot home on a loose rein drama free.  Long live the sweaty work outs!

So today jumped our sustained trot to a full hour.  Next time 1:10-1:15 is the target goal.  She is required to maintain 5 mph and on our training loop that is harder to do than you might imagine because of the one big hill climb each lap cutting into our time.  We also are not doing any cantering at this point.   When an hour and a half seems easy for her, we will see about bumping up speed and "holding at an hour" for our weekly short, snappy, get it done ride.   If we utilize the the trail running next to the creek it is flat and would be a good place to stretch her out.  But I do need to take hand nippers back there and drop some little branches that are impeding my flow by smacking me in the face.

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