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June 13, 2016

About four weeks ago I gave up on booting

Have done the booting thing for at least seven years now, and in all honesty I'm just exhausted with the constant "checking", fit issues, awkward gait, tripping, loosing boots in competition, slithering around in with a antsy muddy horse to get another one on.    Of all the things though the tripping just sealed the deal.  

My veterinarian recommended a farrier and I'm shocked with the total improvement in movement, engagement of her hind motor, and lengthening of her stride, with all those things resulting in a better time average on conditioning runs, not to mention we have some traction in the mud and on the uphills.  

For shoeing to work for her us, her toe is going to have to be very short.  At the beginning of the cycle all her tripping disappeared.  Now that we are getting to the other end of the cycle I'm starting to see it again.  So I'm anxious to get her reset.  She's running aluminum and so far it is wearing well.

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  1. I have high hopes for Nevel then. Both of us have eaten dust more than once when he has tripped. Tripping and lameness...I'm shoeing him for the first time this week - he is almost 8! Best of luck