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June 5, 2016

So I guess I need to set new goals...

  • First is this wonky gut thing....I've had two days to kick it around, and the more I do kick it around the more I think my per-electrolyting upset her.   She is never a great drinker (except on the two 50's she has been).   I'm going to try a lower dose with a buffer, and probably won't do it in the future until after the half on an LD or after the first loop on a 50.   I'm also kicking around that her little walnut sized brain has "figured out" what ride camp is and means, and she's internally stressing out.  If so that could be a much harder one to find a solution for.  She has bounced right back, we did a short ride today, and she had so much energy and stride I could hardly handle her, she was so ready physically to mid-pack an LD.  BIG FAT BUMMER.  Hopefully, next time.
  • So I have a good three months to work on her fitness and stretch out her distance (if work will just leave me be----please----).   I need to pick up my park pass and start riding the park. which will have her hauling more often,  and picking up our pace when the mud somewhat possibly drys up.  It is usually pretty hot by then, and I can work some more on my hydration issues, and get some try out time on my new hydration pack.  Hope to have the hang of that before we try another 50.  I always run out of fluid on the long loop...this should potentially cure that.  I can easily down 2 bottles or more an hour if it is hot.
  • We've nicked the right hind again since we've gone shod.  She flipped her brushing boot all the way around to the other side and took out a little chunk of hide.   That needs fixing.  I have the boots that totally wrap, but they have a habit of getting sloppy as well as they hold heat.   The farrier will be out in about three weeks, I'll have him look at things.  I believe she is fine as far as the shoeing, and if we can get some better balance going on between her and I when powering uphill  we'd be okay.  That will take more time and practice.  After having my horse trip and go down three different times in boots, it honestly put a lot of fear in me as far as speed is concerned.  Fear I didn't use to have.  After somersaulting off once, crashing and rolling and watching the horse rolling at me, and going down in a creek and barely hanging with it I have lost trust.   But her being shod she is stepping out so entirely better, really powering at the trot, and we've only had one minor trip in the past few weeks, and she just wasn't watching, was googling at something in the woods and clicked a hoof on a downed limb.  Last week we galloped the field at the bottom of the woods and she did well.   So as long as farrier Jim holds out we will start with that and try to build on our average speed so the wheels don't want to fly off at a ride.

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