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June 7, 2016

I may be on to something to get sodium in without syringing

Still pondering over the gut sound issue I'm leaning more and more to the electrolytes given by syringe.    That is the change that I know I made, a morning dose of electrolytes prior to leaving (by several hours).    So if her stomach cannot handle the concentrated load, how do I get the non-salt eating horse, to eat her salt?    We've been experimenting with a product called Max E-Glo which is a stabalized rice bran product.   Our first few rounds I added it to her full water bucket.  She gave it a few sips and then was done with it. I added salt the next round, same result.   Last night I only half-filled the bucket, added MaxE-Glo, salt, and a cup of whole oats.   She sucked that bucket DRY.    So now I have to determine if it was a one shot deal or if I can get her hooked on it.  If we can get sodium going in diluted this way, I doubt her gut will be all wonky.  So then all she'd need is her magnesium, calcium, and potassium in the syringes and I see no reason that these should upset her system if she has been eating and drinking otherwise.

C's and D's on gut sounds scare the crap out of me.  Keeping in mind that I did not start by choice, but I'm sure the vet would have said game over as well.  But Journey is my responsibility and you just have to do what is right (even when it sucks).    

*Journey's last blood work revealed that her non salt eating (then sweating) ways had her borderline low on sodium.  
*Journey is also on a daily probiotic now to try and build a healthier gut in general per recommendation of the ride vet.

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  1. Have you tried making electrolyte treats? I've made them before since I can't syringe my horses.