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April 19, 2016

PRODUCT REVIEW: E-Z Ride Stirrup Replacement Pads

I purchased my replacement pads through The Riding Warehouse.  These are the new pads that EasyCare released to market some time back.  Procrastinator that I am...just got them put on yesterday and needed a 24 hour cure time for the epoxy, so they were ready for my hill climbing session tonight.  Just O-M-G!  I wish I'd had them on all this time.   I have a diseased arthritic (mashed by hubby's horse) (chronic inflammation) metatarsal joint on my right foot that can be ride stopping painful.   Not a totally wimpy person about pain, I have after all finished the last loop of a ride with bleeding legs where the skin wore off, I've trained after breaking my finger, cracking my tail bone, you get the drift.  I suck it up and get back on as long as my doing it doesn't inconvenience other people (which I feel is extremely self-centered to do).  But the foot?  Stops me dead in the water.  I simply cannot stand the pain once it starts.  I will grant you that tonight was a short ride.  The proof will be in the long one if I've found the cure.  But tonight was the first time I've ridden in years that my right foot wasn't throbbing and making itself evident.   So Easycare's E-Z Ride Stirrup Replacement Pads?  So far freaking thumbs up!  

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  1. I have to admit I used to call my mentors weenies cuz they rode with fancy padded stirrups. Until the day I tried them and my world changed. Why would I ever want to ride without them - I felt like I was floating and all my joints were thanking me.