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March 19, 2016

We are still just hill walking

The Spotted Wonder is so full of herself that this old lady can barely hang with it.  Let it be known that NEVER shall I let my horse sit for seven months again.   I really had little choice with the way the past year went down for me, but I am paying for it on this end.  She gets all "head up" and charging along like a runaway freight train, and truth be told she is wearing me out!  We will get there, but it looks like the process isn't going to be a whole lot of fun until I can get out of the "magic morphic bubble" of home.  You wouldn't believe the paths we've cut out in our little twenty back acreage just zooming in out and around various trees, hill bumps, and lollipops.  She has a roll back now for what good that might do me on the distance trail.

I'm also being plagued with "old truck" troubles.  LSEGH tries to keep us rolling but the old Sierra has seen better days.  Long hauls give me pause.  We are hoping to replace it, but truck prices...I could pay off our home for what one used costs.   The old one is going into the shop on Friday for repairs, again. 

Haven't decided on what hoof protection I'm running this year.  I've weighed both manufacturers glue on processes, have a big drawer of Renegades, and another of our old Gloves.   Even kicked around shoeing but can't make myself go there yet.  Our booting options on both sides of the fence have some bugs.  Rear gloves she just bangs herself up something awful.  I don't believe that is a product flaw, it is a Journey moves very weird thing.  Gloves do sometimes cause rubs on the front where they fasten together as well.  Again, not a glove flaw, more likely I'm getting them snugged down a bit too tight in those cases.  One I can fix, the other I can't.  Our Rennies do not rub, and on my long slow rides they generally (not always) stay put.  In competition we've consistently popped out of a hind boot on uphill climbs.  There is will sit, all strapped up, just sitting as if it were still buckled onto the hoof, and it truly defies logic!   She will be getting a trim tomorrow and we will try on existing boots to determine if I have a satisfactory solution.    Really don't need them right now, but will soon enough.
Journey's latest out fit in all its Green Bean glory ☺

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