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March 18, 2016

Let's talk about a great saddle

I have been riding my Crestridge saddle for about seven thousand trail and endurance miles now.  At various times I'd go dinking around for a "lighter" saddle only to dislike it and go back to my custom Crestridge.  At one point in our venture in this distance riding thing I took a hack saw (not recommended) and sawed off my saddle horn to make ducking under tree branches more comfortable.  I simply love my old saddle.  They built the tree wide and it has been a good fit on both of my mares, and we've never had sore back issues even at the 50 mile distance.  With all the miles me and the girls have on this saddle you'd think it would be a total wreck.  Solid as a rock! This week I discovered that they are now making their saddles in a "lite" model.  So guess what my next saddle purchase will be?   Crestridge is great to work with and do a fine job of fitting those wide rides such as arabians and gaited breeds.  Click their button on my sidebar, and if you decide to have yourself a lite saddle made, tell them Endurance Granny sent you and they will provide you with a great discount on the shipping.  Be sure to ask for it!

Crestridge's Ovation Endurance
Weighs 16 pounds

When I do get to replace my saddle from Crestridge I'm going to ask them to make this one for me on a J-Bar tree, the lite version,  with off billets, no fenders (I prefer my own biothane leathers), and a wear strip for the leathers to swing against.   I'll slap on a new pair of Easy Care's stirrups and we'll be in business!

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