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February 14, 2016

It matters to one ♥

You can read Bear's (and a million or more other dog's) story here.

Bear was "donated" to a kill shelter.  I take offense honestly that places that kill the dogs call themselves shelters.  But likewise I understand the problem with over population and the sad state of a society that sees animals merely as disposable property.  It is unconscionable.  Makes me so angry.

Maybe you cannot save all those dogs.   Perhaps you feel it doesn't matter if you buy a bright new puppy from a breeder.    But to that dog on death row, no fault of its own, it matters.  It matters to one.  The one you could adopt and save a life.  

I always think of this face when a dog on hard times comes to mind.

Molly was a foundling...tick infested, tumor covered, heart worm positive, pregnant, teeth cracked and many  ground down from chewing on what the vet figured was a cage or a chain... and standing in the middle of a busy intersection, hungry and confused.

That dog was a fixer upper!   She loved me from the moment she laid eyes on me.  My husband had lured her to the truck with a cheeseburger, and was very "worried" about coming home with this dog we named Molly Two Toes Brown.   No worries, that face had me from the moment she came barreling into the house like a little freight train.   Molly had multiple surgeries from mast cell tumors, a spay, heart worm treatment, and love.  Lots of love.   

Bella Boopster was a shelter dog.  She is an eleven pound mole diggin' machine!  Found and turned into animal control during a terrible snow storm, eaten up bloody with fleas, her back was like hamburger.   She is the sweetest little dog, quiet, and loves her warm spot by the wood stove, and sits with me in my office in the co-pilot chair.  

Somewhere, there is a fur ball out there with your name on it.   Next time you pick out a lifetime companion, head out to the kill shelter.  It matters to one ♥

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  1. How wonderful! Here's my humane society sweetheart