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February 19, 2016

An interesting Introspection from Patti Stedman

Fighters, Fixers, Spectators, and Eye-Rollers

Where do you fit?

Where do I fit?

Patti's blog is a very good  and worthwhile read.☺

My desire has always been to be a fixer, but gaining acceptance for my "cause" if you will has been a stodgy (sometimes truly emotionally painful) uphill trudge through deep Midwestern clay, (wet clay at that), boots stuck so deep that pulling them out lands me quite right squarely on my fat old lady ass.   Fixing involves change.  Change does not need to be a bitter pill.  We can hang on tight to the intrinsic glory of pure endurance riding, while embracing growth through new and interesting ways to play the game.  But!  I'm not gonna fight about it...

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