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December 22, 2015

Remote Viewing and other Interesting Woo-Woo

Winter is down-time for me.  Way too much down-time.   It usually makes me wound as tight as a fiddle string, restless, irritable, mostly not positive things.   This is one of the life issues that I have wanted to change.  I know it is driven by lack of daylight exposure, and not enough fulfilling things to do.  So the plan is to change some of those "feelings" by getting my mind in a better place and by doing some fulfilling (creative) things.

So enters the woo-woo.   My racing mind is so cluttered by worry, this thought, that thought and the another thought.   Random negativity bouncing around my cranium which is weird in and of itself as I "try" as a person to bring positive and hopeful experience and thought to others, yet lack sorely in bringing it to myself.   The first step was to attempt QUIET MIND.    I spend an hour per day listening to hemi-synch recordings, usually just before sleep.   My mind does find it very pleasurable, and my dream life has exploded.  (For instance I was entertained by a pet duck in my sleep last night) and so my dreaming is now vivid, and almost as real, as reality.   Reading on hemi-synch led to reading about remote viewing.  (insert the woo-woo here)  For about twenty years our government used remote viewing, the US ARMY had the program for awhile, the CIA had it for awhile.  The Stargate program has since been dismantled, but remote viewers are still out there working for corporations and others.   I was watching a trainer for the program last night as she went through the process.  The woman in the video is actually now deceased and the training itself occurred close to a decade ago.  Remote viewing is picking up information about an unknown target by a person.  There is a process to it, which I won't go into here, but for the most part, the information just comes to you.  Blip, blip, blip!  Just like that.  The target (person, place, thing, location, etc.) is in a sealed envelope.  It was given a code name, in this case the date with a C attached to the end.  The target was sealed inside this envelope.  No person in the room attempting the viewing, or in my case a decade later knew what or whom, or ? was in that envelope.   You are asked to give your impressions.   So we were given the go.   Instantly popped into my brain, PINK, ROUND, STONE, then I cascaded to imagination which is "junk" , which I recognized, so I let it go and just kept the first three impressions as my answers.   And the three words came just blip blip blip in rapid fire succession with a visual of this huge round domed rock.    So I'm thinking to myself, this is stupid.   Folks in the audience were giving the trainer some of their impressions, cylindrical, peaked, lighthouse (which is a guess not an impression).  The trainer later revealed the photograph inside the manila envelope.  The sun was shining on a huge round pink granite domed rock on a mountainous place.   I was dead on as far as describing what I was viewing, though it came to me in random word and picture form.    I love the exploration of consciousness and the hidden gifts we may have...long buried by contemporary clutter and noise.     Though most would say this little adventure is "bunk."  I'd have to concur you weren't there in my head last night and I rightly identified a target placed in an envelope a decade ago, by a woman who has been dead for a few years.   What are our minds truly capable of if we can turn off the junk thoughts? Woo woo?    Maybe, but definitely fascinating woo woo ☺

So my next expedition is to do something artsy.  Hope to sign up for a painting class...stay tuned.

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