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October 2, 2015

Missing my rides

It's been a tough couple of months.  My Mom had pretty drastic surgery for cancer, the post procedure did not go well, there has been a a long drawn out horrible wound care since and still not healed, but it is getting there.  My brother has been keeping up during the week, and I've picked up on my weekends.  I figure about another three to six weeks to get Mom healed up, but our ride season will be done before I can again pick up the reins and go.  The time with Mom has been a very mixed bag of emotions for me.  Grateful that she survived, grateful that the chemo will be minimal, fearful that she will lose her independence totally, and realization that the day of that coming is not far removed.  She's 81, diabetic, with multiple complicated health issues.  But she's tough...making donuts from scratch today.   It has been a good time to kind of draw close, and a sad time that I know my "Mom" days are growing short.  It has also been a wake up call, as there have been several (including a male) in our family that has had breast cancer now (I have two daughters to worry about).

If things pan out for me, I'll start again with Journey over the late winter and work towards riding again next season.  If I'm unable to do that I will at least have Green Bean Endurance competition to track and follow everyone elses' exploits vicariously ♥

Fall is officially here in the Midwest.   It is cool, and my bones hurt (that is my biological assurance that cold is coming).

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