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October 2, 2015

Green Bean Green Bit Hangers from Two Horse Tack!

Look at these well stitched sturdy beautiful GREEN bit hangers ♥♥♥
What I love about the bit hangers from Two Horse Tack is they are just a tad wider
than the hangers from some other vendors.  No worries about the hole ripping out as the biothane
is sturdy on each side.  They also feature nice FLAT clips (ask for them on your check out box!).  I expect these bit hangers to out last me (except I like to change tack colors frequently).  The fun thing with colored biothane is the potential to really customize your tack to your own liking.  It does not have to look like anyone else's tack set.   Visualize this eye popping green with bright yellow, or black!  You can mix and match pieces, add overlays, pick out your fittings in stainless or brass to your liking.  Adjustable bit hangers only cost $16 from Two Horse Tack.

So we are part way to being GREEN
Leathers, bit hangers...hmmm....wonder which piece to order next? Hope to have Journey practically glowing in the dark by spring!

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