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August 2, 2015

What a Fabulous Tevis !

I've honestly been a little ho-hum for the past couple of years about Tevis.  Not that Tevis "is ever" ho-hum, I just didn't have much of a vested interest in any particular rider.  This year I did!

#1.  My pick to follow this year was MONK.   I can't really define it, but that horse just thrills the crap out me, and I've followed his rise in the sport for probably five or six years.  Monk holds the record for the fastest 100 mile time in North America, ran the World Equestrian Games, and then had a serious (possibly career ending) injury.  His owner Chris Martin has put some real sweat equity into bringing Monk back.  This weekend was Monk's Tevis debut ☺   Top-ten come back ride at Tevis. Not to shabby Chris Martin.  I watched Monk move up in the standings all through the day, and when the hairs start standing up on my arms there is exciting stuff happening!   Congrats horse of my dreams ♥

#2.  Potato Richardson.  I hear he is a character, and he is 73, has numerous buckles to his name, but this year he was going for the win again, and that would be my second hair on end response of the day as he not only pulled away from the pack but held the lead....and held the lead...and held it.   Near the end I watched him fall back just a few positions and then suddenly back into the lead, and by GOD if a 73 year old human can win Tevis, you can bet some screaming and hollering is going on way out here in the Midwest.   Serious congratulations for one heck of a run, and having bred and trained that phenomenal horse.    I am humbled.

#3.  Laura Spear on an appaloosa horse affectionately called "The Spookaloosa."   Laura is one of the Green Bean team riders/members.   She has a number of 50's under her belt, moved on to 75 miles, 80 miles...a hundred, and now the Tevis.  You go girlfriend.  You and your personal version of a Spotted Wonder have done great things all ready.  You have made all of us proud.

So happily, I was three for three.   The best Tevis year EVER ♥

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  1. I love the Potato Richardson thing, love it to death, because he's so old school. But there's probably a whole lotta people who would hotly argue against his philosophy. A friend of mine rode with him all winter. He has a couple of old treed english saddles and believes they fit every horse just fine, no need for treeless or any of those new stuff. He never electrolytes his horse during a race. He sometimes gives some the night before so they will drink overnight. He carries nothing on himself, no water, no emergency supplies, and nothing on the horse. He's an endurance equipment sponsor's worst nightmare! No one will be able to use his image on an advertisement. No saddle company, no hoof boot maker (he shoes plain steel), no electrolyte, not even helmet maker (wears a batting helmet with no chin strap). So from me, a big hoorah! But for people who believe that the rider and horse must be micromanaged.... he's everything they don't believe in.