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July 19, 2015

Still issues...projects...projects and more...

Well the rubber has kind of met the road this year in health issues.  Trying to get straightened up from what is most likely an ulcerated stomach (been there done that before, know the drill).  Have not been truly well in several months.   Changes still at work looming, my one remaining parent's health in serious decline, facing breast cancer at 81.  A lot of emotional change looming in my life.  For the present we have abandoned the immediate prospect of selling the farm as I just don't have the "gumption" to deal with all that will entail at this moment. Facing too much uncertainty.

Journey has been chilling...getting fat. She hasn't worked in six weeks as I am so queasy all the time.  But hope to get in one more ride by the end of the year, so when the heat breaks I will try to step up conditioning and see if I can take it.   I was worried about how long she'd got in the toe over last winter and that is corrected now.   Her fronts are nice and compact as they should be.  We just need to get back into work.  I'd like to bring one more ride home for The Green Machine this year.

Phebes is still off on her left front.  Her hooves are coming along, but still have a ways to go.   If that doesn't do it, I'm kind of stumped as to what's next.   She was grade 3 lame, I'd say now maybe grade 1 (but she's not in work at all).  All we can do is keep micro-trimming, keep the fronts short and balanced and see if over time it resolves.    She has very slight side bone in that hoof, but vet felt not enough to effect gait. 

I have a lot of Green Bean Endurance stuff on the burner.  Hoping the year ends well and we can go at it again next year.  We will be able to bring our fees way...down now that we are not supporting the expensive web site.    Working on a TEAMS platform with some interesting "tweaks" for next year including ways to earn non-riding "bonus points" for your team,  an individual competition (possibly...I'll need at least 15 to sign up on that to make it a go) ,   and trying to develop a program that will replace individual by folks signing on to work through the levels from 1 (novice) to 4 (owning that thing).   It is a pretty big undertaking.   Our TEAMS this year have done great.  Currently the leading TEAM is comprised of a whole bunch of juniors and they are kicking our can!  (Funny that I am liking getting trampled into the dust, but I am enjoying it thoroughly).

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