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May 9, 2015

We are trying to get much in flux here

Have managed four consecutive weeks with 25 miles (albeit rather slow).  I'm hoping to use the upcoming LD's as the prelude training for a 50, and have been subjecting myself to the heat as it comes on.   Had one episode of feeling queasy and sick, so have increased the amount of Hammer electrolytes, and that seems to be helping. LSEGH gifted me with four new water bottles with the rubber nozzle you pull with your teeth, then squeeze and blast yourself with a drink.  I love those things.  Fill 'em half full of water and freeze, then on ride day, top them off with a sports drink.  The frozen water gradually thaws, keeping my drink cool until the bottle is nearly empty. 

My main concern going into my first ride of the season is that I AM LAME.  Yes, you read that right.   Yesterday we did a 20 mile conditioning ride with a couple thousand feet of climb.  I was fine all day.  Unsaddled the horse and the step up into my trailer is a big one, my right knee is not a happy joint as I've worn the cartilage down, so I depend on my left knee to get me in and out of places.   I grab the saddle and pad, put my left foot into the trailer and hoist myself up, and P-A-I-N.   Pretty sure I injured the tendon that secures your knee cap into place (patellar tendon).  I can walk normally, but about hit the dirt if I try to step up.  Mounting a horse should prove rather it is that leg.  All I can do is try.

We are still waiting on the appraisal for our place so we can determine if we will be able to build the new place.   I have a realtor looking for land in an area where I'd like to build, and we are waiting for the bank pre-approval (based on the appraisal).   I thought I'd found the houseplan I liked, but found a smaller one that I actually like better and would be conducive to pole barn home building.

It is small, but plenty roomy enough for us.  I like the two bathrooms, the overall flow of it.  I'll nix the fireplace and put in a wood stove instead with a furnace for back-up.  If the budget allows I may wrap the porch around the living room.  I'd like ceramic tile on the floors throughout with the exception of the bedrooms.   We are looking at a location near the park I like to do training rides at, and also near Henryville, Indiana as that is where most of the rides are staged, if not there, reasonably close.  If we stay local nobody has to hunt for a job, if we relocate that would add a new stressor.  I'm leaning towards stay local, purchase a good reliable truck.  LSEGH would like to get the heck out of Dodge.

Now, for your viewing pleasure! 
Phebes x-rays trying to get to the bottom of the off in her left front.  This first x-ray pretty well defines the culprit.  On the right lower aspect (look for a bear's head and two ears) the right hand ear is the start of side-bone, most likely caused by her slight pigeon-toed way of going which wears her hoof in an unbalanced way, and creates a flare.  She is going to be on a two week trim cycle for the next twelve trying to keep that hoof as balanced as possible and see if the lameness will resolve.  She has also got very long in the toe and her heels have migrated in the wrong direction, and last be not least, that is a mild club foot with a slight inward curvature of the cannon bone (hence toe in).

 The rest of the views show rather nice joints.  Even the knee injury a couple years back didn't cause anything bio-mechanical to happen.

The Green Bean Teams are still battling it out.  I love this TEAMS concept so much!  Hope we can keep that thing rolling for many years to come!

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