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May 2, 2015

A Kernal of Truth

Sometimes I look into the eyes of my horse and I wonder...what does she think of me? Especially after a particularly tough hill session, or a fifty mile competition. I question I your friend? Are we partners? Do I ask too much of you? Sadly...sometimes we forget the huge heart that beats beneath us, the effort expended on our behalves, with little choice in the matter. That is why as endurance riders we have to find a balance between training enough, and training not enough. One can be as detrimental to the well-being of our horses as the other. Same goes with getting to a ride and riding the trail perhaps faster than you were ever able to train. The horse is sore the next day, depressed, withdrawn. Never forget those four hooves beneath you, nor exchange some brief moment of placement for glory at your horse's expense. It will bite you, shame you, kill you from the inside out if it all goes wrong. Strive always for partnership. Be thankful for these extraordinary animals that give us so...very...much.

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