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March 6, 2015

When You Are Green

"When you're green you're growing, and when you're ripe you start to rot."  ~Ray Kroc

Maybe truer words have never been said.  A typical day, up with the clock, before the sun casts a stuttering ray,  hurtling down the highway, exiting car with key pad codes in my head, locks to unlock, computer to enter some magical program opening password, phones ringing... ringing...ringing, people who do not identify themselves but assail you for answers from questions unclear, data to print, data to enter, people to please, tick...tick...tick...TOCK and it is off to the race of locking drawers, drawers, computers, doors, and with all the this and there and in between you feel propelled to your vehicle to drive home with eyes that do not see, but are focused far ahead on home.  Home.   That is my adult life.

How sad is that?

Life should not require of us to give so much and experience so little.  Where is the love in that?  Where is the joy?  Where. Did. I. Go?

This is why I have horses.  So that I can saddle up, settle in, and be...just me.  No expectations, sometimes no particular destination though those are nice too.  Those times seem to have become a rarity, but they are still elemental to my all-right-ness.  It makes me happy for my "green" status, that it (my riding) hasn't become mundane, it hasn't become common or boring.   That each ride still has the novelty of a "little adventure" and the child in this rapidly greying woman still lives.  

Long may she prosper.

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