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March 8, 2015

The Perfect Rider for Phebes

Lida came down for (I've lost track) session four or five on Phebes.  We had almost a month of foul weather with no footing suitable for riding.  We are having some issues with the girls --- well, actually it is Journey who is buddy sour to --nth degree and when anywhere behind Phebes wants to push and haze her, and when in front wants to flatten her ears and hump up to kick her.  Poor Phebes.  But let me say that Lida has the perfect non-flustered  non-reactive patient personality to take on the big bluffer named Phebes.    More importantly, I do not worry about what Lida will do, because I know the answer is the "the right thing."    Lida and I are very alike I believe in our views of how to do things, but the big difference is that Lida's calm meter is way in the green zone.  It made me happy to see them trotting along in the field independent of what we were doing (see below).

Journey has a long way to go before she can ride anywhere "with" Phebes.  It took me an hour and a half today to get her mind even starting to focus on me rather than OMG!  I KNOW PHEBES IS OUT THERE.  I WILL SURELY DIE IF I'M NOT TWO INCHES UP HER BUTT.  Really?  Geesh!

My job is to keep things tuned up for the next two weeks until we can get back at it again.   Lot to do between now and then.  Trailer needs serviced, park pass needs purchased, bridle passes, hooves to trim,  but if I can get a half hour on each  every day except Wed-Thursday, and a long ride on someone over the weekend I'll feel like I did good.   Then we will try some longer rides, and see if after five or six miles Journey no longer sees the point in pushing, rushing, or if we need to split up and train our own rides (while staying in communication).  

So far, so good.

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