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February 9, 2015

The Old Dominion Bucket

I believe the bucket has reached about 47% of the goal.  Pretty sure we have enough for the ride itself which requires about a $200 entry-fee, fuel down and back, and meals.  So the bare-bones amount (God willing and no catastrophe here on the farm) is secured.   Feeling pretty gratified that I managed to raise this much by being extremely frugal for six months, the help of a few card buyers, and my two donors (thank you, you rock ♥).    So riding The Old Dominion is definitely on the table at some point unless I find some other glorious crazy goal in its place.

My daughter has gifted me with a really nice camera and I hope to do some photography at the ride this June.  Also trying to organize a meet up of some Green Beans there to either do some crewing or volunteerism representing our budding organization.

So now the focus is getting The Spotted Wonder rolling for this thing 2016.    Which means some 50 mile rides this year and early next season.  We have a lot of work to do!

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