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January 31, 2015

The progress on Phebes has been fabulous!

Even though I've only been able to find time through the cold months to ride Phebes about once a week, it has sure paid off with bonus points!  My co-hort Lida came over for another ride on Phebes and honestly its going extremely well.  Lida has a very calm personality, does not get frustrated with Phebes little quirks, and just sayin' but Phebes behaved better than Journey out there on trail today.  Phebes does not have the herd-bound issues that plague Journey, she's fairly independent, but she is not a confident horse and Journey helps her feel confident to step out in front.  So the first off-farm ride with Lida up was a raging success.  We were out about an hour, climbed some tough hills, and both horses were huffing and puffing.   3.5 miles.....12 more, and we will have this thing whipped!  We have plans in March (contingent on weather) to camp and ride a 101 clinic.  I don't need it, but we both feel it would be good for Phebes to get out and socialize prior to revisiting a ride camp.   We will do another ride here at home, and if that goes as well as today,  we'll start riding at the park and stretching out our time.  Lida hopes to do a couple of LD's this year, and I plan to start the season with an LD, and then go from there.   Would like to knock my required 50 out early in the season so I can just "ride" and not stress over goals so much.  Do the fun thing ☺

Playing around with some glass etching.  Not liking the result yet...but getting there.  The turtle bead charm on the wine glass are cute though!  Wanting to make some new turtle awards to donate, and maybe a set of four four Green Bean awards.   Have to find a cleaner way to stencil....


  1. Love the turtle awards, they're great! :)

  2. Had a blast! Looking forward to getting back into endurance riding this summer! Thanks for letting me ride Phoebes. I know she can do it!