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January 31, 2015

And more coming with Green Bean Endurance!

Check out how you can win badges for your member's profile on Green Bean Endurance.  The creative forces have been at work to create an award program that is self-tailored to the needs of the Green Bean Endurance rider.  Awards that celebrate completions, awards that celebrate growth in the sport, awards that make you reach...a bit farther.  We believe the badge program is a good fit.  You decide your goals, you ride to your own level (not the other guy's), and you receive recognition on your profile page for achieving your personal goal.  A badge on your page signifies that you have been there done that! Maybe your goal is to ride 10 rides consecutively without a pull.   We can accommodate that goal.   Meet that goal, and we award you with a badge that represents all your hard work, all those mile in the saddle.  Badges proclaim I AM DISTANCE RIDER but on "my" terms.  Face it, we are not all riding the same horse.  We do not have the same financial means, level of experience, or time to fit a one-size fits all award system.  Nothing wrong with those nice awards we earn through our AERC program,  they are challenging and they rock!  But what about those small incremental personal achievements?  Badges approaches the awards system just a little differently.  You can dream little, you can dream big, but it is your little dream after all.  Check out the new awards system coming via Green Bean Endurance ...grab a friend, join Green Bean Endurance,  come ride with us at an AERC ride near you!  Take a sneak peak at some of the possibilities...

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