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January 7, 2015

Team Green Bean all I can say.  Team Green Bean has taken off like a rocket!   Registration is here.  We will have a "standby" list in case a team drops before the start.  If you were planning on a team though, I'd say you better do it NOW.   We currently have 95 riders signed up for the competition in the On the Vine category and Picked Category.    Happily the On the Vines will duke it out among themselves, but the Picked Category is going to have some hard slinging riders, don't you doubt it!

The team manager and secretaries feel very gratified that we have led 95 riders to either join AERC or to renew early.  That equates to about $7125 if all the teams follow through as promised in AERC membership fees.  It will mean better ride attendance for the rides involved this season, maybe a little bump in revenue there.  We feel that a niche is being filled that was wanting...a performance platform for the still rather green rider, competing against riders of the same experience for year end prizes (sorry no LEXUS or ROLEX).   The teams manager has collected entry fees that will cover the year end prizes.  Our motto:  To Finish is to Win!  Sound familiar?   A ride platform where completions garner points, and placement does not matter.  

To riders, stay focused!  Don't give up or quit because you think you will "only" do a few rides.  All the scores matter and yours might break a tie.  Every. Rider. Matters.   And we all win, regardless.  We will interact with up to a hundred team members through the year, make new connections, forge new friendships.   My twenty bucks is worth that.  I'm more excited about riding than I have been in a long time.

I expect the coming year to be a challenge.  Tracking points for 100 people will be one heck of a task.  But the time we put into it will be worth it.  New people matter in this sport.   They matter a lot!  They are the future of AERC.  So let's get out there and make some Green Team madness happen.   Good luck to everyone who has signed up....I'll be rooting for each and every one of you.


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