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January 27, 2015

Green Bean Endurance was officially launched today!

I'm so excited I could just pop!  The official website for Green Bean Endurance was launched today.  Green Bean Endurance was the creation of Sharalyn Hay from the NW region.  It is a concept that riders new to endurance have a friendly introduction and instruction to the sport with positive mentors and relationships.  You know I have always held to the idea that this is how it should be, and I've felt very blessed to have found this group!   The new Green Bean Endurance site can be found by clicking right here.

You will find that the important information and resources you need to begin riding endurance/LD is freely available on the website at NO COST.   But, but, but!!!!  Read on...

The $15 membership will make you eligible for  monthly prizes, enable you to see and post in the private group Forums, and give you access to the searchable membership directory where each profile describes the rider, his/her goals, and their location.  This option over time as we build membership will be a valuable resource to search riders in your state, and meet up, and ride!  I believe Jillane Baros (our humble leader)  has a discount for the first 100 to sign up where the $15 is reduced to just $7.50  (cheaper than a drive through meal at McDonalds!  Just use the promo code FIRST100 apply the discount.

So where will the money go?   We need to pay for the domain/website, and we want to have fun drawings for prizes for our membership (monthly), as well as create a regional presence at rides throughout the year, seeking out new members, and welcoming them to the sport.  Those running the show will be doing so on a volunteer basis.  It is planned to make Green Bean Endurance a non-profit by the end of 2015, with elected officers by 2016.

If you are relatively new to endurance (999 miles or less) join the fun!  We already have team competition launched with over a hundred participants.  A full membership in 2016 will automatically include eligibility for teams competition!  Which will be an added reason to join us.  

If you have over 1000 AERC miles on your record, apply as a Ripe Bean and your membership is FREE!  Mentors are our most valuable resource...please, please join for free and be an online mentor.

This is a big step and a giant experiment for us - we need to make sure it's going to take off before we invest more than we already have. So please, don't wait - sign up for the 2015 season and help this grass roots organization grow!

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