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December 14, 2014

What a really nice weekend I've had.

I'm so excited about the Green Bean Team thing!   We are still hammering out the rules, and how the final points will be adjusted, and how bonus points will calculate.  The massive spreadsheet is nearly built by the "go getter" who will run this pilot program for teams.   It inspired me to dust off the Spotted Wonder and go riding in the mud ☺   She needs riding, she was a pill.

This opportunity has sort of realigned my goals for the year somewhat, but in a good way.    I may do only one LD with Journey this year and really focus on building our 50's (for the farther reaching goal).   

LSEGH is planning to look for a new to us truck next fall (God willing and the creek don't rise).  We are thinking a 250  Ford Diesel 4WD.   We'll see.   Our truck is just getting pretty old ,and high mileage.  Still runs, but I just don't have confidence for long hauls and all that entails without a support system outside of US Rider.

Phebes has been bringing me a lot of enjoyment as I try to make her a better horse, and bring her back into useful work.  All the focus is on arena/schooling and just being a calm and quiet horse.  She has her moments but somehow we are managing to work through them and seeing improvement.  When you start from ZERO the little things become great victories.

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