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December 14, 2014


For you riders with less than 1000 combined LD & Endurance Ride miles there is a fun little competition you can get involved in at Green Bean Endurance. With the cooperation and support of Green Bean Endurance and its founder Jillanne Baros we brainstormed TEAM COMPETITION and will make a trial run of it for the 2015 Ride season.  See below:

There's something exciting cooking behind the scenes for the Green Beans!!!
I can't give a whole lot of details yet (because we're still nailing them down), but plans are in the making for a 2015 Green Bean Team Competition. Here are the basics (more will be revealed soon!):
**Specially for Green Beans - competition is limited to riders with under 1000 AERC miles before the current season (including LD's and Endurance rides) to participate.
**Teams - You may have up to 5 people on your team to earn your team points. Your teammates may be from any region and you do not have to ride together to have your points counted. The goal is for you to connect with, support, and encourage one another as Green Beans. You can ride any horse or horses - the points are based on the rider's accomplishments.
**Points - Points will be based on number of miles completed in AERC endurance rides. This will be tracked using the AERC database. Extra weight will be given to longer-distance rides in order to incentivize riders to step up in distance.
**Prizes - To be determined, but some ideas include jackets, gift cards, ride entries...?? There will be a reasonable fee for each team to enter (split it with your teammates!) and 100% of the money will be spent on these prizes.
NOTE: This is NOT a Distance Derby. The only miles that will be counted are those that appear on your record in the AERC database. This is about supporting each other, participating and getting completions, and having fun!
There will be a limited number of team slots available and sign-up will begin after the first of the year. I recommend you start building your team now, because I expect the spots to go quickly! Post here if you're interested so we can make sure we want to move forward with this idea.

Here are some of the details we've hammered out, but nothing is set in stone until we post the official rules.

1)  For the 2015 Season there will be no more than 20 Teams total.  Since we are piloting this team thing, a hundred riders will be plenty to track.  So if you are interested you will need to scramble and pick out a team, and get in line fast.

2)  A team will consist of 5 riders (and me might add an alternate in case something shoots a team member in the foot)  the last part still in discussion.  The team members can be in any AERC region.  You can mix and match the riders from your team from the various regions.

3) only riders with less than 1000 miles at the start of the 2015 season are eligible for Team Green Bean.

4)  There will be an entry fee per rider of $20 with 100% payback in prizes.

5) Points:  LDs = miles ridden ,  50-74 miles + bonus points of 1.5, 75-100 miles plus bonus points.  We are structuring the award system on miles + bonus points to place the emphasis on building safe competition for folks who are new or fairly new to the sport, and to encourage people to try to move up in distance.   Placements at rides will not factor in, only completions.

6) Last but not least...You must be an AERC member to participate and ride completions will be verified on the AERC Ride results page for each rider.

7) We will not open the competition until January, but all AERC sanctioned miles for 2015 will count in each persons ride/point total.

Our team will consist of Phylicia Mann, Jacke Reynolds, Shannah Cogeshall, Dave Wisneiwki, and one more.

Other teams are forming.    To find out more...stay tuned at Green Bean Endurance.

"Cracking my knuckles and dusting off the mud on The Spotted Wonder"

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