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October 20, 2014

You Have Such a Good Horse

I went back to the trail finally yesterday.  It had been way....too....long.  Most of the time I feel okay riding alone.  But yesterday I was just feeling particularly "lonely."  One daughter is living in California, the other is close but busy with her life, work, her own family.  At times I feel very isolated.  So I set out on my ride feeling rather empty, but as the trail winded on I noted the spectacular almost turquoise blue of the sky, the red and golden leaves, sunlight breaking through.

Nearly back I happened upon my first set of trail riders for the day.  I saw them around the bend and yelled out "rider"!  So as not to spook their horses.  The woman leading the group says " are you alone?  Well good for you! You have such a good horse."   It is true.  Journey has turned into a quite nicely independent little horse.  I hold no grudge or fear from our accident (though still continue with headaches almost daily), I know what she did to make me fall was an instinctive fear reaction on her part.  It wasn't personal.  I do have a such a good horse.


  1. So glad you aren't holding a grudge with your horse; she was only doing what comes instinctual to them - but of course, we all still love the big weenies! Hopefully the headaches will subside soon.
    Bionic Cowgirl

  2. There is NOTHING to bond you with your horse like riding alone, is there? "That's a good horse" never means more than when you're trusting your life to this animal. I just got back from Land Between the Lakes, where my trail ride plans went totally wrong. The first day riding with my 3 friends, Arie did his 4.2 - 4.5 mph relaxed calm power walk and the others just could not keep up. Putting him behind was useless, he's incapable of walking 3 mph. So instead of 3 days of riding with my friends, I spent the last 2 days riding totally alone on trails I had never seen, armed with a trail map, well-marked trails, for hours and hours each day. Never once did I question whether I had a horse I could trust with that responsibility. I would keep that over a show championship any day!