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October 27, 2014

Some bumps in the road

Well the human end of this equation has hit a few more snags.  For three weeks I've been self-treating what I believe to be the beginning of an ulcer.   See the doctor today, hoping she can recommend something that works better than the omeprazole that I've been using.   Have a history of stomach erosions though it has been a good twenty years since I last experienced that. 

Went to the Rheumatologist on Friday and I'm needing to get my knee injected. It is grinding.  Got ordered so many tests that my mind was reeling on the potential cost as we have a high deductible on our medical insurance through LSEGH's employer.  Eight x-rays, seven different blood panels, and I still have the primary care doc to see today.  Found a lab that will do the blood work for me direct through them so at least that part is figured out.  Have not found a way to lower cost on x-rays, and haven't even thought forward to the knee injections...what is ironic is I was taking Naproxin for my knees which made them feel so much better, but then caused the stomach issue.  *sigh*

All is not gloom and doom.  Have been riding Phebes at least weekly, sometimes two or three times a week.  It started off pretty rocky, but she is settling into things now and being a pretty good mare, we just need to speed up the work and see how that flies.  She prefers being a slow pony in a ring.  I'd like to move on out to the trail but that would require riding with a slow very confident horse to help desensitize her to the world of trail boogers again.  I'm not up for any unplanned dismounts presently.  Hoping to find someone who would be willing to ride Journey in the lead and let Phebes and I follow. 

That would be the full report from the Kingdom of Mare.


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