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September 28, 2014

OD or Bust it is coming in dribs and drabs

I'm currently in contact with someone who is sending me the last map used, which I hope to peruse to get a feel for the course.  Of course intellectual "feel" is way not actuality.   But it helps to foster the dream of doing the thing.  Through some contacts I've connected with someone who has done the ride, and made clear my intention to attempt the "50" not the "100".   Journey is a very slow horse, couple that with heat, humidity, and my propensity for heat exhaustion, balance disorder (can't walk in the dark for thirty minutes without getting sick), fibromyalgia, and a heart murmur...I'm sticking with 50.  Personally for us the difficulty of the course and a completion there would seem like a major big WIN for me.  I FEEL NO SHAME IN THAT.  Just know my limitations at this point.   Also having some conversation with my contact about eletrolytes for me, and seems like I'm no the right track.   A whole lot of things will have to fall in place in order for me to get to Virginia in 2016.

*A paid by me hitch-hiker ride share to Old Dominion or a very much upgraded vehicle. (Just putting this out there, but I would pay your  fuel bill there and back up to $500 for the honor of sharing some horse space).  We live in the southeastern part of Indiana, with I-74/ Batesville, IN  or State Route 50 Versailles, IN being the nearest meet up points.

*New Renegade boots in a size bigger than we have been using on the hind so hopefully she will quit popping out of them when we kick up into a canter / hill.

* A couple of new wool back pads so she has a change to keep her back cool and dry.

*Thinking of try a camel-back...that or adding two more water bottle holders to the saddle.  Tired of running out of fluids with 10 more miles to go.

*Some pre-rides that are 50's leading up to the June OD.  My thoughts are Spook Run 50 in 2015, Top of the Rock 2016, Indy 50 2016, assuming these rides happen...if not I'll have to think of another plan to get her ready.   Maybe spend my weekends for a few months camping in the Clark State Forest and getting some hard hilly training in.  50's would be better.

*An energetic and mobile crew of at least two people.

*Would love to find another rider to ride with , it would be nice to ride the course with someone who's been there done that since I'm likely only to ever get one shot at this thing.   I'm quiet and just chug along for the most part...Journey is a good horse to lead with another horse gets discouraged.  She is slower than dirt, but she has never refused the trot when asked.  EVER.

*Meditation on going there and riding successfully as positive thought goes a long way to getting there.

*We are up from 2% to 7% of the cash goal towards the ride GOD WILLING and nothing takes us backwards.

*After the current tack auction wraps up in a couple days I am going to start sorting through my stuff that I have outgrown (horse-wise) and start auctioning off such things as an S-Hack with padded silver noseband, reins in biothane in red, black breast collar, and braided electric blue reins, a burgandy coolback pad, 4 like new size 0 Epic hoofboots, a set of 6 size 0 used gloves,  a used halter bridle in black, and other "stuff".  I have a blue fly sheet that I won't use, too big for Journey, might sell a Skito pad (waffling on that because they are SO EXPENSIVE now if you want to replace).  A couple neoprene western girths (I use english now), just lots and lots of STUFF.   It would help me to clear out my tack storage area to the things I'm settled on, and just move on.  If anyone is interested in anything before it ends up on ebay make me an offer, I can take a paypal payment.

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