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September 16, 2014


It was time to feed this evening and LSEGH was handling the fill the buckets routine, while I was doing a little stall housekeeping and horse brushing.  I finally made my way down to Phebe's stall and thought I'd brush her down good.  She has finally learned to appreciate the relaxation of a good grooming session now that I have a non stiff bristle brush, so I was surprised when she started acting cranky, pinning her ears, and kept bending around and bumping me with her nose.   LSEGH had come around the barn and was standing by her door when I realized she wasn't eating which is most seriously out of character for otherwise Ms. Piggy.  I say to LSEGH "that's odd, Phebes isn't eating."   He replies something like "huh, that would be because I forgot to put any feed in her bucket."  At this point Phebes looks at her bucket and starts nodding her head.  It was one of those weird spooky moments when you wonder how intelligent your horse may actually be.  Phebes got fed. 

The end.


  1. I'm probably going to face-palm here, but what does LSEGH stand for? I know it's your hubby, but...?

  2. Robynne,
    Long Suffering Endurance Granny Husband :)