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September 25, 2014

Did it really happen?

Did someone  out West enter two horses in the same endurance ride, ride both horses 50 miles in 6 hours or less and complete both horses (one rider) and get credit for 2/50's in the same day?

If so they managed to ingeniously ride within the rules (as there is no rule I am aware of that prohibits riding two horses in the same ride / same day).

I find it both  hilariously amusing and appalling at the same time!


  1. What ride are you talking about? I haven't heard anything like that, so it's probably an error in the ride records, but I'd be happy to ask around.

  2. Apparently it did happen, a couple weeks ago at Indian Springs in the southwest region. I vacillate between wanting to yell "hell yes"! to the rider with the cojones (and fit horses) to pull that one off...and being totally appalled. Technically no rules were broken, and no horses were harmed in the process. It was said that the vets even kept a sharper eye...since the ride time was going to be so fast for each equine. So theoretically an LD rider could present 2 horses at the start, hand one off, ride like hell on #1 finishing in 2:40 (not uncommon in the MW), hand off the horse at pulse down, grab the other, and ride for completion with the clock ticking the whole time. You could essentially compete for mileage against yourself *LOL* On a great weekend, you could complete 4 LD's if you were fast enough. Not recommended, and I expect there will be a rule against before the ink dries on the next ride results. ☺