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August 17, 2014

The Strategic Plan towards 2016 OD

Time Factor: 22 months or there about...

That sounds like a long ways off, but let me tell you the earth flies around the sun much faster when you are fifty-ish than it did at twenty-ish.  You blink and half a year is gone.

Financial :  About $2100 should get the job done.  It sounds high, but not factoring in the preparatory rides necessary to even "think" about pointing at the OD.  I might be under estimating if anything.

Looking at that reasonably as setting aside about a hundred a month into the OD bucket can and we should have it.   I will be auctioning off a butt kicking halter bridle/ breastcollar set so stay tuned for that one.  It is hot lipstick pink and black, with matching reins.   Not sure yet if it will be an ebay auction or silent auction off of this blog.  If I'm lucky enough that Two Horse Tack accepts my work, I'll have a good little down payment on this trip by June 2015.  So that's a start!

Personal Fitness: I will have to keep working on this.  My weight loss goal went well and suddenly faltered, and then leveled off.  So I'm back up to 151 which is a total loss of about six pounds.  People...I'm not eating much!  So I guess I will have to move more,  ride more and knock myself in the head less.  Eleven pounds more and ability to maintain and I'll say that is good enough.  I'm sure Journey would appreciate even a total 15 pounds less to carry.

Lesser goals:   I need to continue towards our 50 mile ride each year goal, so I guess I can't totally set aside 2015.  We need at least on good 50 completion.  That said, we will continue working on some skill sets which includes a lot and I mean A LOT of hill work.  I figure we need to have a solid 4500 foot of climb on each of our long rides to even daydream about OD.  We also need to be able to climb in the heat and humidity.  In all honesty I'm not sure Journey has that in her.  So 2015 will be the summer to find out.   I'm hoping that I can find someone going to OD in 2015 that could use a crew person.  I'd like to drive down, get the lay of the land, meet some people, learn how the vetting procedures flow, how the holds work, get an eye for the scope of the terrain,  pilfer a trail map (though I know that is changeable), take some photos, and in my down time maybe get a few ride stories.    SO IF YOU ARE GOING TO Old Dominion  2015 and you need a crew person, please email me privately...I'd love to join your team (any distance).

The bigger sticky wicket looking forward is the situation with our truck.  It runs fine for an old truck, but with an old truck you never can be above 70% sure when you turn the ignition, or start down the highway if the thing will make it from point A to point B.  It may be fine...but I'd sure like to lower my risk if I can of a calamity of that nature.   So we will have to either a) look at getting a newer truck b) pouring some money into the truck we have or c) hitch a paid ride with someone who is passing through Indiana anyway.  That aspect is totally up in the air.  The trip to Virginia is about 600 miles which would take the better part of a day.  I do have concerns about Journey going that long riding in a stock trailer which has no shocks to speak of and would hammer her to no end getting there.   But then, I generally worry more about her, than myself.

All of this is contingent on my health holding, LSEGH's health holding, the horse making it through another winter of hacking and coughing...which has already started intermittently now that hay has been introduced, and finally financial considerations.  It is a dream and a desire, but certainly not carved into the limestone.  It's a bucket list thing.  That is all.


  1. I plan to be there and will know many others. Happy to provide you some crewing hookups. :-) estout18 at Gmail dot com

  2. Sending good thoughts your way!
    As much as I don't need a *third* hot pink bridle/breastcollar, I will have a hard time saying no when that one comes up..

  3. I've never crewed, ridden in, or even witnessed an endurance race, but I am fascinated beyond belief by endurance riding. I've been soaking up everything I can about the whole thing, including following yours and Karen Chaton's blogs. I would give my eye teeth to volunteer or crew at the OD, and would be thrilled to have your company on the drive down and back. I live in upstate New York, so would have to figure out a way to meet up, but it's one option for you.
    Btw, I love your cartoons and hope you get that deal with Two Horse Tack.

  4. Have you read this blog article by Jan? (June 18 article). She's from Kentucky, and tried the 50 OD this year, after trying it once years ago and not finishing. Her description of the ride might be helpful. A good friend of mine, Deb, from Illinois tried the 100 OD this year but did a RO. The girl she was riding with (from Wisconsin) had metabolic problems with her horse and Deb didn't want to continue without her. Deb has finished the Tevis, but said about the OD: rocks, rocks, more rocks... So make sure you find somewhere to practice. Neither Deb nor her friend were able to practice on trails like that, and their horses had difficulties. So please between now and then, find a way to practice if you can! It's a long trip out there. Wish I could suggest somewhere her in the Midwest to practice. Maybe put a post out there asking for suggestions!

  5. Robynne, yes indeed Two Horse Tack and I are working together and I've uploaded them 54 original cartoons which will appear weekly on the Two Horse Tack facebook site and other places such as their blog. I'm very excited about that! Not sure logistically either of us could meet in the middle for a trip down to OD I'll have to break out some maps! But if so, it would be great fun. I figure even if I can't get my horse OD ready, I can at least drive down and soak in the experience and help some other crazy person with their dream, yes? ☺

  6. p.s. to Robynne, even if we can't travel together, we could volunteer to crew together....

  7. Karen, thanks for the link I'll be sure to go read her blog.

  8. Robynne, it looks like you are about 5-6 hours away coming from the East and I'm about 8-9 hours away coming from the north west. No ride share in that scenerio *LOL*

  9. You've probably already read this, but I thought you might appreciate it:

  10. I kinda thought so after I looked at the map. Crewing doesn't look like an option for me either; I've got a bum ankle and can't run or even trot anymore. Maybe volunteering at a water station or vet check or even a sales table is more suitable for my abilities. In any case, I'm looking forward to meeting you, and hearing more of your stories!