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August 16, 2014

Back up but not exactly running

Ever since the knock on the head I can't seem to get my energy back.  I'm mostly okay, but not entirely okay.  We did venture out for a trail ride today, but I just felt like a slug and wandered around out there awhile, let her eat some grass, and came back home.  It just feels like the energy has plain been sapped out of me.  So I'm not going to get back to this thing as quickly as I thought.  Journey was fine, a little full of herself from propping her feet up for a couple of weeks.  Her cough is back.  It has been very dry and dusty for a few weeks, ragweed and queen anne's lace is blooming.  So she will need to get back onto antihistamines to settle things down.  She also getting some hay now that pasture has about given up the green card for the year.  Clean hay, non-leafy hay, but the cough is coming back.  

All is not gloom and doom however.   I'm going to Myrtle Beach for about a week, will be in a wedding there, and spend some time loafing, and just resting my brain, and trying to recharge.  My friend has rented a condo, and all I need to do is show up, and try to look good in the dress, and not drop the ring.

My project for Two Horse Tack is going well.   I've put together 32 cartoons and about 6 promo code (also cartoons) for them.  Won't need to come up with anything new until Spring unless they have a special project arise.  My creativity however has gone on hiatus temporarily which happens sometimes.   I'll have plenty of downtime over the winter months to work on Two Horse Toons for the Summer if they want them.  Kind of cool (and silly but fun) but Journey's cartoon is going to guest now and then with their herd.  The Two Horse Tack cartoons are inspired by the horses belonging to all the people who work there.  A bay gaited horse, a bay draft cross,  gray, sorrel, and buckskin QH's, and we will eventually add a an "off the range" Mustang.

I've applied for a couple of different jobs, but have not heard back from either yet.  Was totally qualified for either.  But I will keep looking.  The job market here is always so tight.  When people get good jobs, they don't let go of them.   LSEGH keeps suggesting McDonalds pays better than my current job.  He is probably right.  My current gig is with a very large mental health services provider.  I schedule, scan and index documents, answer phones (100 or more a day), open and close the office, balance the cash and provide the documentation that goes with that, do quite a bit of data entry, and check out clients for four or more clinicians, provide notes and prescriber tickets for all the medical staff, check for coding glitches on the schedules and make corrections, reconcile services for billing, check in groups for outpatient substance treatment, document drug screens in our system and on paper.  I used to do transcription for our medical staff but that has since been outsourced.  I stay extremely busy at work to the point of my brain after about ten hours saying I GIVE! PLEASE STOP NOW!  In general I like my job, get three weeks off a year, it is just too far away (hour of drive time daily) and not enough pay when you consider inflation and that we are in a big fat recession.

But this keeps me of the views from the mountains in Virginia.  Isn't it beautiful?  I figure if I don't do any other rides and save hard, maybe we can get to The Old Dominion.  It will be my pinnacle ride, and may be the last major goal I plan for, but a lot depends on my health, and Journey's as well, and pulling together the resources to plan for the preparatory rides,  and finding a way to get there.  

Old Dominion 2016?

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  1. That is a gorgeous view! Don't hurry yourself to rush back after the spill you took; the fact you are riding again is a major achievement - you concurred the 'fear factor'. Now you just need to let your brain heal.
    Bionic Cowgirl