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July 13, 2014

The Pump up Sprayer

Someone asked to see the pump up sprayer.   It is just simply a garden sprayer, filled with cold water and a bit of ice to bring the water temperature down.   I don't use it on the big muscles or the belly as it is too cold.  The spray is concentrated on her neck and jugular area, and she will close her eyes and stretch her neck and you just know she is LOVING it.


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    1. The nozzle set on mist feels great, and can double to rinse off the sweat and grit too. I use it to clean her legs off when I don't have access to a hose, and spray her back to get the salts off. You know if it was covered in a foam material like they use for beer cans it would hold cold much longer/ or hot if you wanted hot and it was black. You could set it in the sun for a primitive quick shower or shampoo.

    2. The woman who gave me the idea took her's a step farther. She has some kind of battery operated pump that attaches to her tub, then the sprayer wand so she can really pour on the water...but I'm finding that so far one full tank will get me through a check. LSEGH refills for the next one and drops it into our sponge bucket which we only use if the sprayer should run out.