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June 27, 2014

Yes...another heat session

The temperature 81 degrees, not so bad...but humidity was 60% today.  Decided to put the heart monitor on Journey for safety as we were alternating flat canter intervals with uphill trots today.   Her pulse would shoot up to about 186 on the uphills, we'd crest the hill with her blowing big time, then walk for a minute and a half.  Each time her pulse would settle between 90-120 bpm within that short amount of time, and we'd pick the trot back up.  She had about 12 nice long stretching out canters, and seven steep hill climbs.   It took her a full seven minutes to pulse to 65, though I was not surprised as we cruised back home at a pretty good clip.  She covered about 8.2 miles in the session.  Our average speed was not much to brag about, but we had sponging stops, drinking stops, and grazing stops.  Journey seemed to handle it pretty well, much better than last week.  I on the other hand felt kind of icky even though I'd taken two electrolyte caps prior to heading out.  At the upcoming ride we should leave at daylight or soon after, so we should be done before the heat and humidity peaks (I hope).  Will just continue doing what we are doing for an hour at a time and hope it does the job.

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