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May 7, 2014

The Spotted Wonder

Things are looking up for Journey.  She is off her meds completely and has no cough since being liberated from the barn with warmer weather, and fresh green grasses.  Her folliculitis appears to have cleared up after three nasty little abscesses.  No more meds for that.   The colic episode came and went.   She has had several weeks to clear the meds for that out of her system. Though she didn’t bound back for a couple of days, with a week off, her appetite was back to normal.  We eased back into work last weekend, and haven’t looked back.   Yesterday she had her best run ever.   It wasn’t that our time on the Garmin was anything impressive, because we stop and take some grass eating breaks, but she was rocking some gait intervals in a way yesterday that she never had before.   She was trotting strong up our training hill, cantering a field that normally is a “spook zone”, came back in and dove into a bucket of water laced with oats and Strategy.   The long extended winter didn’t make things optimal.  Journey’s health concerns make our prospects even less optimal.   I communicated with another rider coming to Indy and she said her horse still has winter coat!  At least Journey won’t need clipped

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