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May 6, 2014

Still on the Fence

Journey's first real ride back since the colic was Sunday.  Real meaning a tough working ride of seventeen miles rather than our at home rides of five, six, or seven.  Throughout the ride she had plenty of energy, yet...there were some buts.  But she refused to drink, AT ALL, until we were back home.  But she refused to eat other than some hay prior to setting out, and only grass upon return.  Rather ravenously hungry for grass.   I did electrolyte prior to leaving because I knew she had a good pre-ride feed that morning, and rinsed her mouth out after.   When we got back I sponged her good and her pulse was below sixty after I pulled tack and checked it, but she appeared kind of tucked up (from fluid loss).   We get home and she hits the water tank (yes I had water from home at our away ride), then decides to herd Phebes around the back field for a bit.  By evening she had lost that tucked up look after tanking up on fluids.  Ate like a piranha post ride and night feeding. 

Yesterday I discovered quite by accident that the Indy LD is 30 miles.  Remember the Maumee ride where the trail map was wrong, and the ribbons were torn down, and I GPS'd my 25 LD to be 30 miles?   Apparently I was correct.   The same ride with the new name is now a 30 mile LD.  So my choices are 30 or 50.   Prior I was thinking back to back LD's of 25/25 or a 50.   I guess I'll just let the weather answer the question for me.  If we luck into a cool day (unlikely in Mid-May) I may try it...I keep waffling.   My potential ride partner for the day is waffling as well.  She hasn't had a ride longer than nine miles on her horse this spring.  We've at least had one 25 mile and a 17 interspersed with many short hill climbing rides.   I just don't have enough experience at the longer distance to call it I guess.  One 50 does not an endurance rider make.

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