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May 25, 2014

Product Reviews

Over the past few years Endurance Granny has gained some ground in readership, individual daily hits, and I hope in finding sources of helpful advice to aspiring distance riders.  If you have an equine product you would like to show case here on the blog, please contact me concerning product reviews at  

I have had fun with the reviews I've done in the past and have tried to be honest.   The Radius Rasp continues to rock our world for a quick and beautiful mustang roll.  I'm coming into the season again of slapping on The Dabrim on my helmet for some welcome shade during hot sunny weather.  My Renegade Vipers have totally rocked the Spotted Wonder's world.  I continue to use many products from the Distance Depot, and Moss Rock Endurance, products that have stood up to miles, and miles, and MILES.  How many saddles have I purchased, and disliked.  Bad fit for the horse, painful for me.  ONLY ONE has stood up to the test and that is my Crestridge Saddle.  I've easily ridden 3000 miles on it, with never a sore back for my horse, or a sore girly part for me.  When if I do get to have another new saddle at some point, it will be a Crestridge with their ultra light tree.

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