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May 26, 2014

Enduring Abuse

"On May 23, an emaciated horse was passed fit to compete at the initial vet check.
SHAKLA’S SUDDEN IMPACT, ridden by RAED MAHMOOD, was competing from the stables of the
ROYAL ENDURANCE TEAM of BAHRAIN."  Click for the full article

The claim is that the backlighting made the horse "look" thin.  REALLY?  When I copy the image into Photoshop and manipulate the contrast, the horse STILL LOOKS EMACIATED.     Don't race him, give him some food and six months of the fat farm.    To top it off we are talking about stables owned by rich people who fly their horses around to compete.  Can you not afford the $12 bags of sweet feed?   Wow...just ...WOW.

End of rant.

Shakla's Sudden Impact 

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