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May 30, 2014

I need a goal.

I'm a completely goal driven person.  Have not been on the horse in a week because I don't have any distance rides on the near horizon.  I hate it that I'm that way...but I do not find pleasure riding, well---pleasurable.  I know many do, and I'm glad they like it, but if I'm not up, and going, with an end goal in mind, I just deflate and don't do anything.  The real crux of that is I spend many weeks getting a horse fit, go to a ride, and can't go again for three or four months, which means....your horse loses condition, and you have to get up to peak again, and it becomes like a revolving wheel of go go go STOP go go go STOP.   I try to solve this by setting minor goals for myself, which I have done...but they don't seem to be a motivating catalyst where as a pending ride goal definitely gets my motor going.

LSEGH and I have been having a conversation about selling our little farm and down-sizing to make more time for life instead of the constant upkeep of mowing fields, cutting trees, dragging firewood, weed eating with a capital W.    I'm not getting any younger, he isn't and you know what?  I'd like my last twenty turns around the calendar to be enjoyable, to go, and do, rather than sweat, work, and maintain.  We've done that for about forty-fifty years each now.   I believe we could make do alright with about six or seven acres.  We only have three of our twenty five fenced currently, so if half of that were in grass and cross fenced, we'd manage.  The difficulty will lie in finding the right property to suit us both.  I want easy access to a trail head or very low traffic back road in the boonies, he needs property with a few acres of trees/rest in pasture, and we both need easy access to power and water (that low maintenance thing).  Secondarily, I am tired of an hour a day to and from work, though I'm not opposed to changing jobs if I have too.   For him, changing jobs may not be as easy to replace income.  So it will be a challenge.  Ideally I'd find a little old farm house with the acreage and a well kept barn, not as ideally we'd build.   I found a place that was almost perfect as to trees, grass, house, barn, but the location was horrible, backing up to a busy state highway, a railroad track, and fronted by paved road.   The price was great.  I could do it, but he'd hate it.   The thing we enjoy most about where we live is the quiet.  We are getting new neighbors though and they have thirteen children, I expect solitude to shortly be a thing of the past.

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