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February 5, 2014

Ulcers in Our Horses

We need a movement for preventative measures for the well-being of our animals.  

Quick take away points from this video:

  • Feeding 20-25% alfalfa in the diet may buffer acids that cause ulcers.
  • Feeding oils may help with the healing of ulcers
  • Heavy grain diets will increase the risk of ulcers due to increase of volatile fatty acids.
  • Stalled horses at increased risk.
  • Endurance horses at high risk.
  • The use of electrolytes exacerbates existing ulcers/ unclear if they cause them.
Signs of ulcers:

  • Irritability, cranky, withdrawn
  • Finicky eater
  • Rough hair coat
  • Sub-optimal performance (fatigue, pulls, metabolic issues)


  • Majority of the diet in good quality grass hay
  • Buffering acids by adding alfalfa hay during heavy training and competition
  • Using a product such as Ulcer Guard before and after hauling/ competition (costs about $8 per daily dose) This is on the banned substance list if you are competing AERC.
  • Relying less on grain based feeds

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